Prepping Your Items

Please follow these instructions closely. Doing so will make the whole process go smoothly for you, for us, and for the shopper.

We are only accepting Spring/Summer clothing in the Spring Sale. The Fall Sale only accepts Fall/Winter clothing. We prefer wire hangers but you may use plastic. Wire hangers take up less room on the racks. Hang your items with the hook pointing to the left and the tag on the right corner if you are facing it. (Make a question mark with the hanger.) Please group all clothing items by size and gender for easier inspection and placement at drop off.

REQUIREMENT: Write your consignor number only on a strip of masking tape and tape it on the inside of your clothing garment (at the bottom hem). If you have a matching set, please put the tape on both pieces. Consider doing the same with non-clothing items. If your tag is separated from your items, we can use this to identify your item and return it to the sales floor.

Pin sets securely with pants hung on the backside of the shirt and pinned at the waist on the hanger. We recommend pinning to the top of the hanger “triangle” so the pants do not slide sideways on the rack.

Belts, scarves, hats, toboggans, suspenders must be put in Ziploc bags and be appropriate for the season. Socks, tights that can go with an outfit must be in a Ziploc bag and attach to the clothing item in order for them to be accepted. You can ask more $$ with these added items. Other accessories should be tagged appropriately and be grouped together for inspection.

Should be tied in pairs by zip ties, not boxed. Laces and shoes must be in excellent condition. Attach tag with a large safety pin or zip-tie through shoelace eyes. The appearance of our shoe area is important to us. Shoes will simply not sell unless they are in impeccable condition. We will be carefully screening shoes. Limit of 5 pair per gender per consignor. Group these items together for drop off. Bring only your best. Sports shoes and dance shoes do not count in this limit.
REQUIREMENT: You can tape your consignor number on the bottom of shoes or on the inside the shoe whichever holds best. If your tag is separated from your items, we can use this to identify your item and return it to the sales floor.

Must be in clear Ziploc type bags with the tag attached to the OUTSIDE of the bag securely with tape. Be sure to place your consignor number on each item inside the bag in case the Ziploc bag gets opened so we can identify the items that belong together. Please group these items together for drop off. Where possible, try to avoid bagging baby items like onesies, towels, blankets, etc. Consignors like to inspect the items for assurance the items are stain-free. In this case, safety pins will neatly hold the tag in place.

Our larger toys items that we may keep outside to include large kitchens, tool chests, work benches, all plastic toy boxes, student desks and bikes plus most riding toys, YOUR TAG MUST BE PLACED INSIDE A ZIPLOC BAG and taped securely to the item. We ask this so that in case of rain, the tag will stay safe. Also place masking tape with your consignor number on it somewhere else on the item in case the tag is lost.

All must be in working order (batteries included) and clean. Small parts should be bagged and taped to the main part very securely with consignor number written on the bag. We recommend packing tape or painters tape, depending on the items.

BE CAREFUL NOT TO DAMAGE THE ITEM WITH TAPE. Batteries must be included with all battery operated items. Please group all “like” items together. PLEASE clean out diaper bags, book bags, and child luggage, etc. We prefer not to find surprises! Cribs have had a lot of recalls over the years. Please check the recall list for recalls on cribs made after 2012. We will not accept cribs manufactured before 2012.