How Do I …..

Step 1
Make sure the dates of our sale and the drop-off dates work with your schedule.  There is no registration fee for the Spring 2022 sale.  As a consignor, you will earn 60% of  your total sales and Berea Kids will earn 40% of  your total sales.

Step 2
Click the REGISTER/LOGIN tab across the top of this page.  Fill in all of the information. For each sale you must re-register and re-pay the registration fee, if required. Note the registration deadline on the Sale Schedule.

Once you have registered for the first time, you will click this same REGISTER/LOGIN tab to enter the website to tag items.  

Step 3 
Prepare your items for the sale…. washing, ironing, and cleaning. Read ALL the CONSIGNOR GUIDELINES… it is important that you follow all of the guidelines. Click the REGISTER/LOGIN at the top of this page and tag your items within the website. Print tags and attach them as instructed under the PREPARING YOUR ITEMS

Step 4
In your Consignor account, choose your drop off appointment time. Bring your items to the church at the correct day and time of your appointment.  We cannot take items before or after the drop-off days. Any items brought to the church outside of the drop-off times will be donated and not entered into the sale.

Step 5
During drop-off, pick up your pre-sale passes! If you are consigning, you will have 2 passes. If you are consigning and serving as a Team Member, you will have 3 passes. Share with your friends and SHOP the private Pre-sales for Consignors and Team Members only!

Step 6
Tell your friends to come shop during our public sale, so you make more money!

Step 7
Pick up or donate unsold items on Saturday.  See the Sale Schedule for the pick-up times.    

Step 8
Consignor checks will be mailed within thirty days after the completion of the sale.