Consignor Guidelines

This Page Will Provide You With Everything You Need to Know About Consigning, From Beginning to End.


When registration opens, login to our website and click the REGISTER/LOGIN tab.   Our sale fills up quickly, so do not wait to register.  If the sale fills up prior to the deadline, registration will be closed. Please refer to the SALE SCHEDULE for dates and deadlines.


After you register, you will begin to receive updates from us with tagging tips, time saving ideas, target dates, and reminders.  Please read each email carefully!  

Preparing to Tag

We recommend the following items for tagging:

  • White card-stock – (do not use regular printer paper)
  • A good printer
  • Sturdy safety pins – ONLY safety pins-no stick pins/staples/etc.
  • Clear packaging tape
  • Blue painters tape 
  • Masking tape
  • Hangers (wire hangers are preferred)
  • Scissors
  • Zip-lock bags

Preparing to Tag Your Items

Once you have determined what items you are selling, read our MERCHANDISE PREP to know how to get your items ready. Once you are ready to actually put tags on your items, take note of the following rules:

    Paper tags fall off easily and get lost.  Our checkout scanners cannot read colored paper.
  • All clothing items must be grouped and rubber-banded together by size and gender at check-in.
  • No handwritten tags will be accepted – all tags must be entered on our web-based system.
  • Do not bag shoes – use zip-ties or safety pins instead! Be sure to secure the tag to the shoes. We suggest writing your consignor number on a piece of masking tape and placing it inside each shoe. This will help us in case the shoes are separated.
  • If your child’s clothing item says “small,” “medium,” or “large,” put the numerical size on the tag you make for it instead so we make sure we put it in the correct section. If your child was 4 years old when he wore it, put 4 on the tag.
  • Be sure to write a detailed description in the DESCRIPTION area of the tag, so we can match the tag back to the item in the event the tag falls off.  You may have to abbreviate as the software only allows so may letters.
  • If a clothing item says “6m-12m,” we suggest choosing the smaller size (6M) in the system.
  • The item limit for infant clothing does not include swimsuits in the spring nor jackets/coats, or costumes in the fall.
  • Shoes are limited to five (5) pairs per gender per consignor.

Online Barcode Tagging

Berea Kids Consignment Sale utilizes online barcode tagging for your merchandise. We have partnered with My Consignment Manager to assist you in preparing for this event. You can transfer your items from previous sales to the current sale without having to re-tag or re-enter the item. Please e-mail us for directions on how to do this. With the barcode tagging system, each tag is automatically printed with your consignor number, description and price on it.  Each tag will have whether or not you have chosen “discount yes” or “no” on it.

All items MUST be entered into the system before the tagging deadline listed in the SALE SCHEDULE.  You can still print tags after that time.  

Additional Printing tips
  • If you are using a color printer, please choose "Black Cartridge Only" when you print.
  • Print on the "Normal" setting.
  • DO NOT CHANGE THE PRICE ON A TAG after it has printed. We will not honor handwritten changes to the pricing or discount option. If you need to make a change, print a new tag.
  • Berea Kids Consignment reserves the right to terminate consignors if they fail to abide by the established rules.  Further, items may be pulled during the sale if they fail to meet quality standards. 

Pricing Guidelines

  • If pricing a clothing item, we recommend starting at 1/3 of the original price. From there, based on the name brand, begin to add dollars.
  • Shoppers are not going to pay for your memories. Don’t overprice your items because of sentimental attachment.
  • We suggest 1/2 of the original price for your larger outside playground equipment. Give it a good scrub. The cleaner it is, the more likely it will sell.
  • We will not honor handwritten changes on your tags. Remember, the information is held in the barcode. If you need to make a change, please do so in the system and print a new tag.
  • If you are unsure of how to price your larger items i.e.. furniture, outdoor play equipment etc. do this. Google your item. Print off a picture of your item with the original price showing. And then from there, determine your price. The average is 50-70% of the original price for those larger, higher priced items.  
  • WE HIGHLY RECOMMEND YOU DISCOUNT YOUR ITEMS. If priced “fairly” it should sell at full price. The purpose of the sale is to move items out of the house, and for you to make money. Don’t “out price” yourself and lose sales. Do you really want to load it back up and take it home after you have put all that work into it?
  • If you decide to donate your items, the system will automatically mark the items for discount.
  • MASKING TAPE RULE: Every item you bring to us must have your consignor number written on masking tape (a small printed label is also accepted) and placed on each item. On clothing, we recommend placing inside on the bottom hem. Shoes, place it inside the shoe. With our high volume of shoppers it is inevitable that sometimes tags will come off. We do our best to identify re-tag items if a tag is lost. This just gives us another way to identify your items. This system works great and greatly reduces the number of items with missing tags and keeps the LOST TAG section to a minimum.