• Check-In Appointments for those with over 200 in clothing items.  For those consignors bringing more than 200 clothing items, you should sign up for a check in time once you register. You can find the tab for the check-in times from within your portal when you login
  • Offensive Materials will not be accepted.   While “offensive” is subjective, please do not bring any items that have vulgarity or obscene materials on them.  We are a children’s consignment sale and only accept items aimed at the care and well-being of children.   We will pull items not meeting our criteria from the floor.  Also, items that smell of smoke or mildew will be pulled. 
  • Limitation on Shoes.  The number of shoes you can bring have been limited to FIVE (5) per gender per consignor.  We are only accepting shoes in excellent condition.  

There is a limit to the number of items you can bring for Premie – 12 months.  You may consign only 15 items of the same size for each gender for sizes Premie through 12 months – Bring your best! If you pair items together, they must be of comparable size (do NOT put a 6 months shirt and a 9 months pair of pants together!)   This limit does not include swimsuits in the Spring nor jackets/coats, or costumes in the Fall.