Drop Off and Pickup Your Items


PLEASE make a check-in appointment after you register. The appointments help keep check-ins running as smoothly as possible with little or no wait.  If you miss your appointment, please contact us. Please DO NOT wait until the last hours of drop-off!!  We will do our best to fit you in – it just might take a little longer.  The latest check-in times do fill up quickly, so pick a time as soon as you can.  You can change your time as long as there are slots available.


If it is placed in the wrong size, the item will not sell.  Please plan enough time to do this.  Please have your items separated by gender and then by size.



A self-addressed stamped envelope, any tools needed to assemble furniture or equipment you are consigning. If you do not provide a self-addressed stamped envelope, then you must agree to pick-up your check at the church several weeks after the checks are mailed!

If you are sending a husband, mother or friend with your items, please prepare them for the process and thank them.  Remind them that they must pick up your pre-sale passes.

Pick-up and Payment

Consignors can pick-up their unsold items 6–7 p.m. on Saturday afternoon following the half-price sale.  Sellers DO NOT have to come if they have chosen to donate their items. Throughout Saturday we will strive to have all items back in their correct location. Sales will be uploaded throughout the day on Saturday but we cannot guarantee a current inventory list at Pick-up. Consignors are responsible for gathering their unsold items. Berea Kids Team Members will help in every way possible but it is the consignor’s ultimate responsibility to collect ALL items.


Pick-Up Process

  • Bring boxes, crates or bags to bring your unsold items home.
  • Berea Kids Team Members will check all tags against your seller number.
  • We do have a lost and found area of items we could not match with their tag. Please check this area for lost items.
  • Local charities come promptly at the end of pick-up time.  All items at the end of pick-up will be automatically donated and cannot be retrieved by Berea Kids or consignors after this time.


Using the self-addressed stamped envelope provided by the consignor at drop-off, Berea Kids will mail the consignor’s check within 30 days of the close of the sale. If you do not provide an envelope, then you must agree to pick-up your check at the church several weeks after the checks are mailed!